About Us

DirectHome Pte Ltd is a Singapore incorporated company founded by Kiegan Chia. As an online property platform (www.directhome.com.sg), DirectHome allows buyers and sellers of resale properties to transact without the necessity of real estate agents, at no or extremely low-costs.

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DH’s business model is easily transportable globally and it sees its market as global, with immediate plans to facilitate low-cost, efficient transactions in Southeast Asia and Australasia before branching to the United States, the United Kingdom then to the rest of the world. DH will use the ICO proceeds to expand its scope of services via three milestones.

Proven Track Record

DirectHome’s ICO is unlike many other ICOs and blockchain companies because it is based on an already successful and profitable business model which goes beyond a vision and a roadmap.

Track record

Our major shareholders & advisors

DirectHome's success has not gone unnoticed. Its shareholders include Wang Shuang (Vice Chairman and CEO of HNA Group (International) Company Limited) and Jin Chensu (MD, Cyrius International Pte Ltd). DirectHome’s Advisors include Daniel Teo (Chairman, Hong How Group & former President of FIABCI and REDAS), Michael Chan (former MD, Bank of New York Mellon) and John Gaw (CEO, LandConsult & former Deputy Commissioner of Lands, Singapore Land Authority).


Crowdsource Contributory Platform

A dynamic and real time holistic contributory platform for anyone to participate and be rewarded with DIREC tokens when property information is uploaded into our platform, making DirectHome the complete database of real estate globally.

Contributory platform

Enormous Potential

In sum, real estate is worth some US$220 trillion (Savills, 2017), constituting 60% of global wealth (including equities, bonds and gold) and approximately 2.7 times of global GDP (Savills, 2016). In Singapore, total transaction sales values in 2017 for residential property alone was S$50 billion. Taking a modest 1.5% in sales commission, this works out to be a whopping S$750 million in sales commission of untapped market with PropTech technology. DirectHome has the capacity to be the leading platform because it provides unique, real value to consumers, locally and globally.


Our Mission

DirectHome Global is a decentralized, crowdsourced and transactional platform that provides the complete real estate database globally and facilitates property transactions between all existing stakeholders (home owners, seekers, agents, developers) in an efficient ecosystem via the Ethereum blockchain with smart contract implementation within the tokenomics infrastructure.


At DirectHome, we are using blockchain technology with smart contracts as the core engine to build up a real time, crowdsourced contributory platform for the real estate industry. Smart contracts will be written in Ethereum Solidity to drive accounting / ERC-20 token movement.


Milestone 1 - Expansion of Services in the Resale Market





Segmented service offerings
High transactional fees
No effective advertising platform
Lack of procedural knowledge

Comprehensive service offering
Free Listing
Express Listing
Full Agent (Flat fee)
Full Agent (Market rate)


Limited leads generation

Dynamic matching in Ranking System


Lack of all-inclusive and transparent property platform

Real time contributory platform
Crowdsource contribution


Difficulty in engaging public contribution

Earn DIREC tokens
Crowdsource tokenomics infrastructure

Milestone 2 - Expansion of Primary Sale Services





Non incentivised channel for buyers
Ineffective buyer lead generation

Consolidated online advertising platform
Structured stream of buyer leads


Information inconvenience
(no virtual tours, stack and level views)

Virtual tours creation, complete with 3D models with video images of outside views


Incomplete catalogue of all new property launches

Contributory platform of complete catalogue of property launches
Crowdsource contribution
Earn DIREC tokens

Milestone 3 – DirectHome Global





No global platform to connect international home seekers to properties globally

DirectHome Global Platform


No database of comprehensive listings on a global scale

Developers & owners listings
Virtual tours
DIREC tokens rewards


Buyer’s unfamiliarity on foreign rules & regulations

Rules and restrictions
Financing and payments
Loan mortgages
Taxation & duties


Costly marketing operations by developers

Marketing campaign package
Targeted demographic via digital & social media marketing
Regularly promoted
Concurrent in various markets
Efficient & Cost effective
Global visitors of platform

Value of DIREC Token


DirectHome’s tokenomics supports the growth and demand of DIREC tokens as its service is pegged to the fiat equivalent and a 10% discount is applied when DIREC tokens are used.
Together with its crowdsourced contributory system, the platform is built at super-charged speed.
As the total number of DIREC tokens are finite and no further tokens will be generated, this deflationary model makes DIREC tokens more valuable over time.